Why a Lingerie Subscription Box?!

For most customers, the thrill of the surprise outweighs the unknown, thus adding an element of secrecy. Medical Research has proven the psychology behind a Lingerie Subscription Box or even a Lingerie Gift Box generates a short, sharp boost of adrenaline. Waiting on a box each month or quarterly, improves well-being and mental health, whilst adding a touch of sensuality.

Benefits of a Lingerie Subscription Box:

  • Items received each month are hand-picked based on preferences and bodyshape. This can be tremendously appealing for the many that struggle to find the correct bra, frillie, bodysuit or babydoll. Knowing the items were hand-picked increases the thrill of opening a new box.
  • Having Lingerie delivered right to the door each month can save shopping time.
  • Subscription Box business owners find better offers, thus stretching money a little further to deliver better quality.

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