How To Measure Cup Size (Bra Size)
Jan 2021


Francessca Wingfield

How To Measure Cup Size (Bra Size)

Ensuring you’re wearing the correct size bra is incredibly important and something many women do not consider. According to the daily mail, A third of women still buy the wrong size bra.


If you find yourself asking the following questions, then you're absolutely in the right place:

  • How do you determine cup size
  • How do I measure my bra cup size
  • How to measure bra size


With the above in mind, poorly fitted bras have been associated with neck, back and shoulder pain, bad posture, rubbing and chaffing leading to skin abrasions, so ensuring you have a correctly fitted bra is one of our priorities.


We've conducted research of women from all backgrounds, and found that many women have never been to a professional bra fitting, or hadn’t been for a number of years!


There were many factors as to why women had not been, but amongst them was either having little time to attend or down to embarrassment and feeling awkward and uncomfortable.


The most common reason was women didn't know where to go! so for those of you that do not wish to measure yourself, We've compiled a list of easy to access professional fitters; Marks and Spencers, Bravissimo, Ann Summers, Next and Debenhams. Please do contact your local stores for further information.


Professionals recommend that women should be professionally fitted around every six months, this may sound excessive to some but there is a valid reason for this!


Women tend to fluctuate between sizes, this is primarily down to hormonal changes that women go through on a regular basis as well as weight gain or weight loss. A great deal of women go for one fitting and assume that this is “their true fit” unless they dramatically changed weight, or because of pregnancy.


However, you'd be surprised to discover that your breasts go through small changes throughout the year due to changes in hormones


I hear you asking where can I find the time to go for a fitting every six months?


Well, we've found an amazing, innovative solution, designed and developed by British company Nudea Lingerie.

 Nudea Tape Measure

Nudea has created an innovative tape measure that gives you your exact band and cup size without the need to get professionally fitted.


No longer do you need to convert your measurements into a bra size, the Nudea tape measure does it all for you!


We conducted or own tests and was extremely happy with the results! Simple to order, and simple to use!


Steps To Measuring 


The tape measure itself comes with a set of very simple instructions to follow: (Duplex printed guide that comes with the tape measure)


How to measure cup size step 1

 How to measure cup size step 2

To begin measuring yourself you start by wearing an un-padded bra. We'll start off by determining your under-band size, in order to do this you thread the tape measure through the slider under your breasts, ensuring that it is parallel to the floor and not twisted.


You then pull the tape measure tight and find your zone (this is color coded).

How to Measure Bra Band size


The next step is to find your cup size, press the tape measure in-between your breasts and measure to the natural end of your breast, again find your zone (this is color coded), you then match this with your band size.


How to measure cup size step 1

 How to measure cup size step 2

And the RESULT! As you can see the size here is a 34DD, in step one the tape measure indicates the band size is a 34, therefore the cup size would be a DD. 

 Cup sizing


We LOVE this tape measure as it's another way for women to feel empowered! During our research we found that due to COVID many women hadn't been sized over the last 12 months, this tape measure gives you the perfect solution.


You may not have the time or feel comfortable going for a fitting but this tape measure allows you to combat all of those issues in the comfort of your own home and for as little as £2.50.


Another very important factor is to remember when measuring your bra size, remember your sister size!


A sister size is not the same as a perfect fit; however, a sister size enables you to find that comfortable fit when you just can’t find the right bra.


Here is a brief idea of how your sister size works:


If you got up a band size you come down a cup size. The same applies if you go up a cup size you come down a band size. For example, if your true fit is 34D then your sister sizes would be 36C and a 32DD. Find the table below to find your sister sizes.


 Finding your bra sister size


When ordering a new bra for yourself always purchase your actual size and your sister size this will allow you to select the bra which feels most comfortable for YOU!


Looking back at history, lingerie was seen as either being something women need to use to cover their private parts or a garment used only for the bedroom.


We should no longer look at lingerie in that way, women should consider lingerie to be more than just an item of clothing, they should look at it as something that symbolizes empowerment, femininity, sexiness, it should be something that inspires women all over the world.


We want to INSPIRE you to embrace your inner femininity. Wearing beautiful lingerie is not about anyone else, it’s solely about YOU.


Why should you reserve your beautiful lingerie for special occasions? 


That's like telling yourself you only deserve to feel amazing on those special occasions. Wearing luxury lingerie under your clothes allows you to feel as good as you deserve every day! One of our motto's is, ‘knowledge is power!’ Let's empower women to get that perfect fit.


If you'd like to find out more about the tape measure, you can find them here: Nudea Tape Measure


Cup Size! What about waist? Well, we can help with that. Please see our article on How to Measure Waist


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