How to know your body shape (finding your body type)
Jan 2021

We all have very different body types and shapes, and it's great, it makes us unique! There is no "standard" or "normal" body shape. Some of us are curvier, some of us have broad shoulders, bigger busts or narrow hips.


We are all different and have our own distinctive, unique, beautiful body. 


Our recent research shows us that the most common body shape is Apple with 44%, followed by a full hourglass figure with 23%. The ladies who participated in our research were of a wide range of dress sizes, and ages.


Majority of the participants in our research said that they were negatively impacted by the media on how they viewed their body image, this was not just from women who regarded themselves to be larger, but also by petite women who still feel like they don’t conform to the “ideal” woman portrayed by the media.


There were some great points raised by women on positive self-image, which we'll be covering in a body positivity blog post.


A Lot of women chose to hide the "flabby" bits or parts of the body they don't like however this can occasionally make us look bigger. If we embrace our figure and find the right style to enhance our body shape it will ultimately make us feel more confident. 


Understanding your body shape will allow you to emphasize your strong points, thus empowering you to feel positive about your body.


During the same research campaign, we found that 69% always shopped with body shape in mind. What body shape do you have?


Understanding Your Body Shape


All Body Shapes - Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and Hourglass


The first thing to do is stand in front of a mirror in your underwear. If you feel uncomfortable, please wear tight-fitting clothing, such as a pair of leggings and tank top.


Standing in front of the mirror will allow you to observe your body shape and ensures the tape measure in the correct position.


  • Start by measuring the fullest part of your chest (This is usually around the nipple area)
  • Pull the tape measure so that it feels snug around your chest but not so that it squeezes your breasts.


Write down your measurements on a piece of paper, or digital device.


Next, we are going to measure the smallest part of your waist this is usually located around 2cm above your belly button.

  • Again ensure that the tape measure is pulled so that it has a snug fit but is not too tight.


Record your measurement for this area.


  • The final part of measuring, is the widest part of your hips and this is usually in line with your crotch area.


Pull the tape measure tightly and write down your measurement.


Lastly, the next stage is to identify body shape.


Full Hourglass Body Shape


Hourglass body shape


If your smallest point is your waist and your shoulders and hips are a similar width you have an hourglass body shape. If you have "fuller" curves that are more defined then you have a full hourglass figure.  


An example of someone who is a full hourglass body shape is Kim Kardashian or Holly Willoughby. They show more obvious curves. 


The best style for this shape is to accentuate your slim waist, anything that is fitted at the waist such as a peplum top will help draw attention to your waist and bust!


When you have an hourglass figure, belts become your new best friend, you can place a belt around most tops at your waist to draw attention to that slimmer waistline. High waisted or belted trousers look great with this body shape!


Neat Hourglass


The only difference between neat hourglass figure and full hourglass is that the curves aren't as obvious. So your waist is still the smallest point and your shoulders and hips are still a similar width but the curves of your figure are "neater". 


An example of a celebrity who has a neat hourglass body shape is Megan Fox and Jessica Biel. Their curves aren't obvious but their waistline is still their smallest part. 


The same style tips for the fuller figure also apply to this type of hourglass figure.


Hourglass lingerie top tips:


  • Garter belts, teddies, and corsets are incredible choices for this body type, they draw attention to the midsection giving you a stunning shape.


Pear Body Shape


Pear Body Shape


When looking at your measurements if your largest measurement is your waist then it is likely that you have a pear body shape.


A pear shape is defined when your hips are larger than your bust and shoulders. The pear shape can also be known as a triangle body shape.


Some examples of celebrities with a pear-shaped figure are Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce.


When looking for clothes to suit a pear body shape the idea is to take any focus away from the waist and draw attention towards the upper body.


A pear-shaped body means that most attention is always on the larger waist, we want to create an illusion and draw attention to the bust.


This will make the body seem more even, giving your shape balance. For example, select a bright top with a lower neckline to bring attention to the upper body, then when selecting trousers, choose a darker color than your top, this will draw attention away from the lower body because of the contrast in colors.


Pear lingerie top tips: 


  • We recommend a flowing chiffon baby-doll slip or even a sexy full-length slip. These will both give you an amazing shape!


Apple Body Shape


Apple Body Shape


If your hips, bust and waist are generally the same, or if your waist is larger, then you have an apple body shape.


Some celebrities with the apple body shape are Jennifer Hudson and Adele. Often these celebrities draw attention away from their waistline.


When selecting clothes for the Apple figure we want to draw attention away from the largest part of our body and onto the shoulders and hips.


By drawing attention away from the midsection you will actually give yourself a more defined waist.


The best choices for this body shape is to wear lower necklines but also tops that have embellishments around the neckline or shoulders as this will draw attention to your bust and away from your midsection.


Another tip is to ensure your top is longer and doesn't end at the waist it should preferably end below the hip-line, this helps divert attention away from your waist to your hips.


Darker colors on the bottom half of your body will work best, as well as flowing or flared trousers to balance out your waist.


Apple lingerie top tips: 


  • A favorite of ours is a negligee that hides the waistline and defines your bust.
  • A teddy is also an excellent choice for this body type. Both options will give you a striking body shape.


Rectangle Body Shape


Rectangle Body Shape


A rectangle body shape is defined by the same measurement at your bust, waist and hips. A rectangle body shape has very little or no defined body shape.


Famous celebrities with this figure are Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Choosing lingerie for this body shape should  is to create the illusion of curves, thus looking similar to the hourglass figure.


Go for scoop-neck and sweetheart tops these will help create curves.


Another great tip is to belt your waist and create the illusion of an hourglass body shape. Thinking about the bottom half of your body is actually much easier as any style will suit. However, if you go for tight-fitting trousers or skirts these will hug your body, creating more defined curves.


Rectangle lingerie top tips:


  • A well-fitted bra is crucial to this body shape as it will help accentuate what little curves you have.
  • Corsets that will help add curves.
  • Garter belt or a teddy, will really give a remarkable body shape.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape

 Inverted Triangle Body Shape


If your widest part is your bust and each measurement narrows down to your hips, your body shape is the inverted triangle.

This body shape is defined by having broad shoulders and an undefined waist.


Celebrities showcasing with this body shape are Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore. 


The Inverted Triangle body shape is always heavier on top, so the key here is to create curves at the hips.


This can be achieved by a peplum top with a lower neckline that adds curves to the waist that aren't naturally there.


Avoid tight-fitting trousers as this will draw attention to the disproportion of your lower half. Light colored, wide-leg trousers will give you a more proportionate look.


Inverted Triangle lingerie top tips:


  • Halter necks are a great option as they make your shoulders appear smaller.
  • Matching cami-sets creates an illusion and forces the eye to the bottom half


Now that you've identified your body shape! It's time to get measured!

Please see our measurement articles:


Whilst feeling good is absolutely essential, it's about you! Never feel ashamed of your body. We're all different!


Our message is clear and concise, whatever your shape or size, you can always feel sexy and sensual!


Remember to treat lingerie like any other clothing, You deserve to feel amazing every single day! 


Lingerie can really inspire us to feel beautiful, It’s about time to feel empowered! Become who you want to be and not the expected.


Please feel free to leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you.


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