Andie M Long: Bullied Book Review And Interview
Jan 2021


Francessca Wingfield

Andie M Long: Bullied Book Review And Interview

Bullied by Andie M Long


Opinions and beliefs are in no way connected with the author.

Bullied Paperback 



I have contemplated my rating for Bullied by Andie M Long for some time but I would be literally crazy to give this latest release by Andie M Long any less than five stars.


This dark psychological suspense makes you truly consider the lengths that you would go to to protect your children! The tagline is so fitting ‘Hell have no fury like a mother scorned’. What would you do when your life is encased with lies, betrayal and deceit? Be warned this story is not for the faint of heart!


I haven't read for some time and sometimes picking up a good book is exactly what the mind and soul needs. I have read many of Andie M Long's book  in the past, and I have to say, her dark side always takes me on a hurricane of a journey. Dark Andie is by far one of my favorite personas, and never disappoints.


This story is somewhat unique, it starts following the journey of Carla, the mum of Lena Haybrook, and her journey of revenge! There are many twists and turns throughout the story, and many that was not expected. Andie M Long does an incredible job at keeping the reader engaged by delivering the unexpected.


The author took me on a personal journey during this story. I saw a lot of myself in Carla as a mother that would do anything for her children, but maybe at the same time, our choices are suffocating them! Children need to make mistakes, to learn from them.


It was a real eye opening experience, something that I had actually never really considered before. Carla's story is so special and really does stand out amongst many of the books I have read over the years.


The author has truly written from the heart and incorporated many of her own emotions and experiences into the story. This adds a greater level of depth that you just don't get in many books.


I joined Carla on an incredible journey, I cried tears of sadness with her and moments of triumphs, it really does take an extraordinary author to take the reader on the journey of the characters.


I came across a quote some years ago and it fits in perfectly with this story and sums up how I feel; ‘Everyone has a dark side. How we expose it, distinguishes us’. Carla exposing her dark side makes us truly realize what we're capable of.


Can Carla make the right decisions or will she succumb to the darkness that's growing inside of her?


I have a real soft spot for Carla and truly believe she did the best she could, given the situation.


It really is enjoyable to find a book that incorporates different angles/perspectives of each character, I don't usually like the jumping around of perspectives but the author has managed to make this seamless, whilst giving the reader a greater insight into the developing thoughts and rationale of each character.


Hopefully not too much has been revealed here! You really add this book to your collection, you will not be disappointed .


Once you've read an outstanding book, expectations are high for any further dark novels by Andie M Long.


Whilst following Andie M Long on her social media platforms, it's evident that more books may be on the horizon!


Will lessons be learnt or will the past come back to punish the characters?


Interview with Andie M Long


We have the honor of interviewing Andie M Long for this blog post to find out just how truly dark she is! 


So Andie, thank you for joining us here on the blog, I've literally just finished Bullied and I feel a sense of relief but also like this journey isn't quite over.


Can I ask where did the General ideas of this plot come from?


Unfortunately my family was subjected to a hate campaign over a 12 month period. I can’t discuss it other than to say that Bullied is entirely fictional except for the police responses which were exactly what we were told. I started writing the book as a way to get my frustrations out on paper, but it became much more than I anticipated.


Do you have a favorite part of Bullied? Obviously without giving too much away.


The scene in the bushes. It’s the part where a character decided to tell me something about themselves that made me change the trajectory of the whole book!


Do you have a favorite character?


Lena was my favorite to write. It was so raw.


I have to say there were lots of parts in this story where I was actually feeling like I was intruding on their personal life, was that the angle you were going for? If so you have totally achieved it.


Yes. I want a reader to come on the journey. For them to be in that story, be Carla, coming across sorrow, frustration, anger.


Do you prefer writing Dark Andie or Romantic Comedies?


I love writing dark but they can be very draining to write as you can imagine so I like to write comedy in between. Both sides suit my split personality hahaha.


If there was one thing that you wanted the reader to know about this book before reading it what would it be?


That the blurb is deliberately vague because I don’t want you having a clue as to how the story goes.


Tell us one thing about yourself and your life outside of writing?


I love spending time with my Whippet, Bella, going for long walks.


And finally from a reader's perspective what is your favorite novel and why?


The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. A complete triumph of a book. I’d recommend it to everyone. The world-building is incredible, the writing is phenomenal.


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Have you read any Andie M. Long books? Please let us know in the comments.

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