Jan 2021


Francessca Wingfield

A Twist Of Fate - The Lexi Series #1

Oh My God ….. I don't even know where to start with my reviews of this book, my emotions are in complete turmoil. There is no way on earth I would be able to review this book with anything less than 5 stars. It was a compelling story from finish to end. It is wonderful to find a story with a strong female lead that does a fantastic job at keeping her emotions at bay and making something for herself even given the lack of love growing up. This is a fast paced book and is a thoroughly enjoyable read, although been a fast paced novel it doesn't lack in quality in the slightest. Even though been such a fast paced novel unlike others I have read it doesn't feel rushed by the author.

The characters are extremely well developed and have unique characteristics, they feel real as if you are there experiencing ever bit of emotional turmoil, every joke, every intimate scene. It is a wonderful experience that T.Gephart gives her readers, it is complete brilliance. I felt such a connection with all the characters in this book, not just one but every single one of them which I can say I have not had the pleasure of experiencing when reading, especially when reading freebies! Lexi is inspiring and at times you want to shake her and tell her what she needs to do but at the same time you also understand the decision that she has to come to on her own terms and she has to feel in control of the situation. I really feel for Alex he is obviously besotted with Lexi and wants so much more than what she is able to give him, he is a wonderful man, every girls dream. Every character is developed so beautifully. I feel like I'm beginning to ramble but I want you to understand how much I have loved reading this book and how much I feel towards characters and the author.

The story line is compelling, all I wanted to do last night was pick it up and finish it however I promised my doting husband some quality time but this morning as soon as I woke it was the first thing I did. The story has had me engrossed wanting so desperately to know not only where they are going as a couple but how all the characters develop as individuals. I do not want to give too much away about the story line because I truly believe this is a book you must experience for yourself. Do be warned there is an "Ugly Cry" moment where I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Due to the way the characters are developed you fall so much in love with them that when they experience heart ache you feel as though you are them. I felt as though my heart was breaking for them before it actually happens but when it did there was no controlling the tears or the slight sob that escaped my lips.

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