Jan 2021


Francessca Wingfield

A Leap Of Faith - The Lexi Series #2

This book continues Lexi and Alex's journey in there new found relationship, in the last book we got to see them realize that they really did belong together. The characters all retain who they are throughout this series which is great to see; sometimes when reading a series, characters can lose what made them amazing in the first place. Lexi still has that "spunk" about her that I fell in love with so much in the very first book. She is feisty and completely in control, she is not your typical female lead she is fearless and stands for no-one holding control over her. Here is a little insight in to why "my" Lexi rocks! "You like making men squirm, don't you? The kid has served countless tours behind enemy lines and its you who gets him pissing down his leg," she is the only female lead I have ever known to invoke so much.

I have to say that all of T.Gephart's characters are developed with such realism, even the smallest of roles with in the book has their very own characteristics. I love all of the characters in this book but I do have to say that Dan is one of my all time favorites, here is a little quote as to why I love him so much: "You totally fucked her! Holy Shit! WOW! That is so fucking hot!" Dan continued before accosting Alex. "You are one lucky son of a bitch you know that? Your girlfriend is a fucking 10 and she is in to girls. Lexi, dump this loser and marry me!" Dan teased".

This story has laugh out loud moments through out and steamy sex scenes. The sex scene's are hot and I even think that I may have learnt a thing or two through out this book. I just have to say that Lexi is awesome at blowing! There is just the right amount of Sex, the story is not overpowered by it and there is more than enough to make you hot under the collar. I was enjoying the story so much, I felt happy and content with where their life was heading and then T.Gephart took me completely by surprise! I just couldn't believe it I went from joy that finally everything was working for them to feeling as though I had had my heart ripped out of my chest. I found myself having palpitations and tears rolling down my face; I felt as though I had no control and that I honestly didn't know what to do or how I felt.....Much like Lexi and Alex was feeling. I discovered that my strong, independent Lexi was inconsolable and broken! I myself was heartbroken for her! This response would never have been able to be evoked if T.Gephart had not done such an amazing job at adapting her characters; making you love and respect them as your own family or friends.

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